-Borderless Live 5G-

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“Live Animation Heart X Algorhythm” will be performed at the live VR concert “Borderless Live 5G” in Japan and China on March 21, 2020. Special guests Kizuna AI and YuNi from Japan and yousa from China will be performing at the event.

About LIVE COMMENT Click for details

TOPIC1 About "Live Power Words"

We've created the original function named "Live Power Words" which enables us to see the comments posted by other audience.

This function is planned to be used in the later half of the live concert. "Live Power Words" are as follows.

Let's try to post the comments, and make the 5G Live exciting!

General Comments

  • かわいい
  • カッコいい
  • 最高!
  • 大好き
  • イエーイ
  • エモい
  • がんばれー
  • おはよう
  • こんにちは
  • こんばんは
  • ありがとう
  • 加油
  • AWSL
  • kawaii
  • 尊い
  • 你好
  • 233333
  • 666
  • XI
  • KizunaAI
  • YuNi
  • yousa

Comments for Actors

  • Tacitly
    • パオズ
    • 加油
    • しーかわ
    • りんかわ
    • スシくいて
    • 打尻
    • これが欲しいんだよ
    • ばにかわ
    • 包子
  • 泠鸢yousa
    • 大型观鸟现场
    • 冷鸟
    • 可爱
    • AWSL
    • 血赚
    • 假腿
    • 国际巨星
    • 鸢大头
    • i了i了
  • YuNi
    • ゆにゆに
    • YuNiちゃんかわいい
    • YuNiちゃんすき
    • きたー!
    • くるぞ!
    • 上手
    • おおおおお
    • かっこいい
    • よき
    • 最高
  • Kizuna AI
    • さすがAI
    • 最高かよ!
    • インテリジェント
    • すきー!
    • アイちゃんかわいい
    • 親分かわいい
    • ぴょこぴょこ
    • kawaii
    • cute
    • 爱酱可爱

TOPIC2 Interactive Comments!

In addition to “Live Power Words”, we have prepared “Interactive Comments”, by which everyone can create live scenes together! Post some specific comments, so that we can see something special on the screen during the live concert.

This function is also for the later half of the live concert. "Interactive Comments" are as follows.

Shall we post a lot of comments and make fun together!

These functions allow you to post only one word with one song.
If you post words irrelevant to the song, it will not be indicated on the screen.
There will be an announcement for the instructions.
Please look foward to hearing it. Thank you!

  • Interactive Comments:Fireworks
    • BREAK
  • Interactive Comments:Dancing
    • DANCE
  • Interactive Comments:Heart Design Balloon
    • LOVE
  • Interactive Comments:Panda
    • 520


  • Don’t miss this chance to experience the most incredible interactive performance in both Japan and China!

    What's more, the event offers a completely new visual experience exceeding reality via the latest 5G and VR technology. Please follow and check our official Twitter account and website for the latest information on our live performances!

  • Borderless Live 5G will be held together in Japan and China.

    With the launch of 5G and the new visual experiences in live entertainment and VR that it will enable, 2020 will open up a new world to Vtubers and other virtual artists. Within this context, “Borderless Live 5G" is sure to inspire!

  • The famous Vtuber Kizuna AI will be one of our special guests at the live VR event held simultaneously in Japan and China.

    "Borderless Live 5G" is a VR musical performance that will be held live concert in both Japan and China, providing an interactive experience in both countries simultaneously.


Please check and follow our offical website and Twitter for latest information!!

-Borderless Live 5G-概要

Saturday, March 21, 2020
Show times
19:00-21:00 (JST)
18:00-20:00 (PHT, MYT)
17:00-19:00 (WIB, ICT)

Please click here for on-line Music Live

About the special guests

About the special guests


Kilin and Xi play the main characters in the interactive animation "Live Animation Heart x Algorhytm", which has been distributed in Japan and China since 2017. They are known through their interactive performance with fans, called Siritomo, in the live broadcasts, and their music performances in live concerts. They also performed in the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival 2019.

Kizuna AI

Kizuna AI began her virtual talent activities in December 2016.She became the first Virtual YouTuber starting up her own channel with her slogan being “I want to connect with everyone.”Her official YouTube channel “A.I.Channel” has reached over 2.6 million subscribers and her official gaming channel “A.I.Games” has reached over 1.3 million subscribers.In July 2017, she released her first original track “Hello, Morning” and ranked in at #1 on Spotify Japan Weekly Viral Chart.In October of the same year, she released 9 consecutive singles every week produced by DJ’s such as Yunomi、Avec Avec、Nor、Pa’s Lam System、TeddyLoid、MATZ、DÉ DÉ MOUSE、and ☆Taku Takahashi. All 9 tracks reached #1 on iTunes store electronic charts drawing a lot of attention. Furthermore, in December of the same year, she had the world’s first and biggest Virtual YouTuber 2 day concert “Kizuna AI 1st Live “hello world”" in Tokyo and Osaka.In 2019, she released her collaboration track W&W ft. Kizuna AI “The Light” and “AIAIAI feat. Yasutaka Nakata.” She has been attracting attention not only in Japan but also worldwide.

Kizuna AI 中国绊爱

Guest Appearance Chinese Kizuna AI is a virtual talent who wears a Chinese style attire. She came into existence through the support of her fans, after Kizuna AI installed the Chinese language at her birthday event on June 30, 2019, with the strong feeling of "wanting to connect with everyone in China." The fans call her "ai-ge" (pronounced as "aiger"). In December of 2019, she started her own channel on bilibili called "AIChannel中国绊爱" gaining more than a hundred thousand subscribers in less than 2 months. Including the other platforms in China, she has over six hundred thousand fans. In the summer of 2019, Chinese Kizuna AI participated in Weibo Super Red Man's Day sponsored by China's biggest SNS platform Weibo and had an interview on Chinese public television. In the same year, she attended the two biggest events that are popular amongst young people, BiliBili Macro Link-VR and ChinaJoy where she was able to strengthen new bonds. Other than making appearances on events, she participated as a virtual experimentee for Apple's new line-up experience meeting and as a special guest for a press conference for the movie "Detective Chinatown 3" achieving the goal of interacting with top Chinese entertainers. Starting 2020, Chinese Kizuna AI has begun walking her own path surpassing language barriers and expanding more of Kizuna AI's footprints in China.


YuNi, world's first 'self-proclaimed' virtual singer, started her activities on her YouTube channel in June 2018. She specializes in cover songs. In October of the same year, she launched her private record label "yunion.wave," releasing her first original song "Toumei Seisai." She ranked in #3 on the Top 100 iTunes chart and #1 on the electronic chart. In April 2019, she released her album "clear/CoLoR" which ranked in at #4 and #5 on the iTunes chart, #1 and #2 on the electronic chart, #8 on the Oricon Daily Chart, and had high rankings on various other music platforms. She focuses mainly on singing and sings a wide range of songs from classic hits of the Shouwa era, anime songs, vocaloid, and western songs with her clear beautiful voice. YuNi leads the industry as the first virtual singer.


One of the most popular and inspirational virtual signers in China. Performed in the BML live event hosted by bilibili in 2019. Achieved the number one rank in subscriber numbers among virtual artists on the bilibili video subscription service platform.


Designed by Yamako HoneyWorks and named by Kaguya Luna, Ishouken is a 21-year-old virtual announcer from Nippon Broadcasting System’s Yoshida Room. His boss is Hisanori Yoshida, an announcer from Nippon Broadcasting System. Ishouken was released on April 1, 2019 and broadcasts live 8 times a week between 10:30-11:00pm(JST). and 12:00-12:53 am. every Monday to Thursday, as well as on YouTube’s Ishouken Channel. An avid musician, voice actor, astronaut and VTuber, Ishouken is regarded as the “world’s most eclectic virtual MC”.